TonBo Designs
Lori has worked in the design field for over 25 years. A creative director and designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is owner of TonBo designs, a full-service design studio specializing in illustrated book design. Among her clients are Chronicle Books, Harper Collins, Adobe Press, and Rick Smolan's Against All Odds Productions. TonBo, the Japanese word for dragonfly, was inspired by Lori's 1989 apprenticeship in Tokyo with the Academy Award-winning designer Eiko Ishioka.

Prior to establishing TonBo, Lori was an art director at Apple Computer and a designer at Clement Mok Designs. She also worked as a consultant and an on-staff designer for several magazines, including Geo, Women's Sports and Fitness, American Photographer, SF, and American Health. A native New Yorker, Lori graduated from Parsons School of Design. Her mentors at the time were Mary K. Baumann and Will Hopkins.

She is passionate about documentary photography, yoga and Developing-World travel. In addition to her work and study in Japan, Lori has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa, and her design reflects her appreciation of native culture and art.

Lori is also the executive director of The Isabel Allende Foundation, a private nonprofit foundation empowering under-served women and children in the San Francisco Bay Area and Chile.